BRICS Film Festival is a popular event among cinema lovers and the public in general, and acts as an important platform for promoting films of BRICS countries.

BRICS Film Festival was first organised by India in New Delhi from 2-6 September 2016, wherein twenty films (4 each from BRICS countries) were screened. On the closing day, an international jury comprising the eminent personalities with cinematic excellence of the BRICS countries presented awards in five categories, Best Film - Thithi (India); Best Actor Male - Thabo Rametsi (South Africa); Best Actor Female - Yulia Pereslid (Russia); Best Director - Hua Jianqi (China); and Best Jury - Phillilpe Barcinski (South Africa).

BRICS Film Panchayat was the highlight of the Festival that year, which provided a platform to hold panel discussions on the art of film making among participants.

At the 2nd BRICS Film Festival organised by China in Chengdu from 22-27 June, 2017, a joint BRICS Produced film, ‘Where has the time gone’, was screened and Best Film Award was presented to the film, “Nice: The Heart of Madness” (Brazil).

At the 3rd BRICS Film Festival organised by South Africa from 22-27 July, 2018 in Durban, the award for Best Film was presented to Newton (India) and the award for Best Actor Female to film star Bhanita Das for Village Rockstars.

Brazil organised the 4th BRICS edition of the Film Festival in the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro at the Centro de Artes UFF and Reserva Cultural from 23rd September to 10th October 2019.

The 5th BRICS Film Festival was organised by Russia from 1-7 October 2020 (alongside 42nd Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF)). On this occasion, a BRICS Film Forum under the theme “BRICS Cinemas as Alternatives to Hollywood” was also convened. The awards at the 5th BRICS Film Festival were presented to the following:

  • Best Film- Poppie Nongena (South Africa)
  • Best Actor Female- Kani Kusruti, for the film, BIRIYAANI (India) and Thalita Carauta, for the film, The Silence Of The Rain (Brazil)
  • Best Director- Lou Ye, Saturday Fiction (China)
  • Best Jury- Red Ghost by Andrei Bogatyrev (Russia)