BRICS Academic Forum (BAF) and BRICS Think Tank Council (BTTC)

The BRICS Academic Forum (BAF) is a platform for deliberations and discussions among the leading academic institutions of BRICS countries. The forum strengthens dialogue amongst the academic communities and proposes ideas and solutions on the numerous social, environmental and educational issues.

The BRICS Academic Forum was established in 2009, in the first meeting of BRICS countries’ academic experts, held in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The BRICS Think Tanks Council (BTTC) was initiated in 2013 to enhance cooperation in research and capacity building, among academic communities of BRICS countries. 

The meetings of BRICS Academic Forum and BRICS Think Tank Council have been held annually under the respective BRICS Chairships.

In October 2020, meeting of the BRICS Think Tank Council was held on the sidelines of the 12th BRICS Academic Forum under the theme “BRICS New Vision for a Better World”, wherein participants discussed ways and measures to promote future-oriented research and development in BRICS countries. The participants also had an in-depth discussion on BRICS Think Tank Council Working Group for Indicator System.

The BRICS Academic Forum has over the years, discussed the most pressing development issues of BRICS countries, including economic growth, investment cooperation, digitalization, sustainable development, energy, infrastructure, food and environmental safety, education and healthcare.